Graphic design is a wildly popular field and as the tools for web design and graphics creation become available to wider audiences, a large community of designers and curators of visual inspiration has sprung up online. Visual branding is more important than ever as more people find the products and services they need online through search engines and social media. An eye-catching visual identity that quickly communicates the value of a brand can make the difference between making sales and going bankrupt. Graphic design isn’t only distributed online, either. Printed materials like business cards, product labels, and apparel also have a great deal of design consideration put into them. The variety of challenges and techniques available to graphic, web, and industrial designers make these careers some of the most desirable on the market, and the sites on this list are a great place to look for seasoned designers needing a shot of inspiration, and total newbies looking for a place to start.

Graphic Designers

Graphic designers make their money by making things look good, so you better believe they put effort into their own online presence. The sites in this category are by and for graphic designers, some of them individuals or freelancers, and some as part of larger companies.

  1. Graphic Design Blender

  2. MICA Graphic Design Blog

  3. The Graphic Design School’s Blog

  4. You The Designer

  5. Go Media Zine

  6. Laughing Lion Design

  7. Daniel Benneworth-Gray

  8. Fudge Graphics

  9. Giackop Design

  10. Inspiredology

  11. LeaLea Design Blog

  12. Spoon Graphics Blog

  13. We Made This

  14. Andy Sowards

  15. David The Designer

  16. Type For You


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Web Design

Web design is one of the hottest and fastest evolving careers in the tech sector now. Broadband internet connections are faster and more ubiquitous as more people get personal computers and phones with internet browsers. The sites below are all about web development, user interface design, and generally making the web easy to use and good looking.

  1. User Interface Engineering

  2. InspireUX

  3. KONIGI-Tools for Ideation

  4. Digital Telepathy Blog

  5. .Net Magazine

  6. @Issue Journal

  7. A List Apart

  8. A Way Back

  9. AnimHut

  10. Coffee Shop Designs

  11. CSS-Tricks

  12. Design Boom

  13. Designmodo

  14. Digital Art Empire

  15. From Up North

  16. Fuel Your Creativity

  17. HongKiat

  18. Instant Shift

  19. Kathryn Corrick

  20. Lines and Colors

  21. Marco Folio

  22. Monday By Noon

  23. Naldz Graphics

  24. Onextrapixel

  25. Rachel Nabors

  26. Six Revisions

  27. SloDive

  28. Smashing Magazine

  29. Smiley Cat

  30. Speckyboy Design

  31. The Design Cubicle

  32. Web Design Ledger

  33. Web Designer Wall

  34. Web Designer Depot

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Logos & Packaging

Just because online design is white-hot doesn’t mean design for physical objects has lost its shine. The sites below are all about designing real stuff and the logos and imagery that associates that stuff with a brand and a marketable lifestyle. You’ll find everything from cutesy graphics to business cards laser-etched on beef jerky at the sites below.

  1. Blog-o-Motives

  2. The Dieline

  3. Lovely Package

  4. Packaging Digest Blog

  5. Lightning Labels Blog

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Visual Inspiration

Designers don’t work in a vacuum. Inspiration is the raw fuel that enables the best designers to churn out beautiful products at breakneck speed. Graphic designers on the internet know this, and there are dozens of great sites offering color images of artwork, designed objects, and uniquely beautiful images to get the blood flowing to the right part of a designer’s brain.

  1. Abduzeedo

  2. AisleOne

  3. Ar-bent-ing

  4. bittbox

  5. Boooooom

  6. Dirty Mouse

  7. Doodlage

  8. Creative Review Blog

  9. Fubiz

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General Design

Some design sites cover all the bases of graphic, web, and industrial design, and these can be great for learning something new about graphic design or just checking out other people’s great work to get fired up about doing some of your own.


  1. Design You Trust

  2. Mattson Creative

  4. Branding/Identity/Design

  5. Girvin | Strategic Branding Blog

  6. LogoBird

  7. Miles Design

  8. Processed Identity

  9. Tactic Marketing

  10. Design Observer

  11. Bored Panda

  12. Veerle’s Blog

  13. AIGA

  14. Brand Flakes for Breakfast

  15. Cameron Moll

  16. Colour Lovers

  17. Da Yellow Drips

  18. Design Sojourn


  20. Hicks Design

  21. Information Aesthetics

  22. Jayce-o-Yesta

  23. Made by Many

  24. Monkee Design

  25. Noupe

  26. Outlaw Design Blog

  27. Subtraction

  28. Vandelay Design

  29. Visual Design Blog

  30. We Are Just Creative

  31. Communication Arts

  32. Designer Daily

  33. How Blog

  34. Yanko Design

  35. I Love Typography

  36. Typographica